Reza Negarestani: 'Geophilosophy after the Copernican Abstract Machine'

Thursday 26 February

20:30 - 21:15

Stedelijk Museum, Entrance Hall

Reza Negarestani

In his presentation Reza Negarestani attempts to identify and underline the tacit dimension of the Copernican Revolution and its ongoing reverberations in science and philosophy. He proposes that a sufficient abstraction of what for Copernicus counts as reorganising the Earth in the universe can indeed be realised and used as a designated protocol of abstraction whereby thought attains the ability to make a difference in the world by making irreversible differences in itself. This Copernican abstract machine paves the way for a philosophy of the Earth that is more concerned with reclaiming the reality that at once supports and overthrows its terrestrial constitution than being true to the Earth.

Part of 

Opening Sonic Acts at Stedelijk

Thursday 26 February

19:00 - 22:00

Stedelijk Museum

17,50 / 10 / MJK 2,50

Florian Hecker & Kurt Hentschläger & part wild horses mane on both sides & Espen Sommer Eide & Gert-Jan Prins & Bas van Koolwijk & Reza Negarestani

This festive opening night of the Sonic Acts Festival at the Stedelijk Museum explores the real and the synthetic, and derails the senses.

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