Smudge Studio: 'Practices for Turning into the Anthropocene: Look Only at the Movement'

Saturday 28 February

16:00 - 17:30

Paradiso, Main Hall

Still (truck transporting remote-handled transuranic nuclear waste on Highway-285 south, New Mexico) from Look Only at the Movement, Two-channel HD video, 171 minutes, smudge studio, 2013

In the fall of 2012, two artists set out with a car-mounted video camera to seek out a particularly abject material-event. For twelve days, they travelled the routes used by the trucks transporting transuranic nuclear waste through Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. They stage a meeting and a mutual reframing of two geologic imaginations: the timescale of a human life and the timescale of radioactive material’s 24,000-year half-life. They make media from within this practice.


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