Tonaliens: live set

Sunday 1 March

20:40 - 21:30



The new Berlin-based ensemble Tonaliens investigates the inner dimensions and outer limits of just intonation. With voice, brass, invented instruments, sine waves and live electronics, the members of Tonaliens explore harmonic space and navigate intricate musical relationships using the Hayward Tuning Vine (an interface for exploring just intonation). Amelia Cuni makes a melodic journey through the gradually shifting harmonic space. Hilary Jeffery connects to it by playing slowed down versions of the vocal lines on trombone. Robin Hayward gradually explores the harmonic space with his microtonal tuba down to the deepest limit of audibility. Werner Durand enhances the drone of sine waves and tuba, and adds melodic contours. The ensemble is amplified and Ralf Meinz enriches the sound with his subtle use of live electronics and spatial sound projection. Tonaliens would like to dedicate this performance to the memory of Amsterdam-based musicologist Bob Gilmore.



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