Raviv Ganchrow: 'In the Company of Long Waves'

Sunday 1 March

12:00 - 14:00

Paradiso, Main Hall

Part of Long-Wave Synthesis by Raviv Ganchrow (photo by Konstantin Guz)

The saturated spectrum of infrasound suggests that toned-down sounds don’t necessarily diminish. The lowest threshold of human hearing is also the upper register of an immense sonic territory that literally interfaces landmass with oceans and skies. Raviv Ganchrow introduces the theme of extensive acoustic waves in the context of his Long-Wave Synthesis project where marine oscillations, streaking meteors, calving glaciers, gas flares and nuclear explosions coexist; where sound become so heavy it’s affected by gravity; and where oscillations slow down to such an extent that they spill over into weather.


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