Session 10: The Terrain of Infrasound

Sunday 1 March

12:00 - 14:00

Paradiso, Main Hall

Infrasound is extremely long sound waves (up to 171 kilometres) below the threshold of human hearing. They literally connect the solid Earth to oceans and weather as well as to industrial practices. Infrasound-sensing stations all over the world record, for example, rocket launches, auroras, collapsing glaciers, mudslides, atomic tests and mine explosions. The largest infrasound event recorded so far was the air burst of the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013. Environmental infrasound exhibits an intermingling of large-scale human industrialised activity with earth- and atmosphere-related frequencies. Sound artist Raviv Ganchrow explores this aspect of infrasound in his work-in-progress, Long Wave Synthesis, a sound installation on land-art scale. A ‘field trip’ to his work presents the occasion for three lectures on different aspects of infrasound. The panel is followed by a bus trip to the Long Wave Synthesis installation site.

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