Session 6: Journeys to the Unknown

Friday 27 February

16:00 - 18:00

Paradiso, Main Hall

‘The shadow cast by the luminous screen that we hold in our hands stretches across the planet’ says Liam Young in a conversation with writer Tim Maughan during an expedition to the vast container ports of Asia, freshly built ‘ghost cities’ of China’s Special Economic Zones, toxic lakes, refineries, and vast open-cast rare earth mines of Inner Mongolia, following in reverse the route of consumer electronics. There are many aspects of our globalised civilisation that remain out of sight. Travelling to territories that are ignored by the media is a way of beginning to consider these aspects, and of bringing into view a reality on which we depend. But how do we see? How do we perceive a landscape? What do ‘hidden’ sounds reveal? What knowledge do we gain from listening to sounds we normally cannot hear?

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