Gabriel Paiuk: 'Greifen'

Sunday 1 March

20:00 - 20:30


'Greifen' by Gabriel Paiuk

Performed by Ekkehard Windrich – violin, and Gabriel Paiuk – sound Gabriel Paiuk’s Greifen, for violin and sound-reproducing media, is dedicated to Ekkehard Windrich. ‘Greifen’ means to ‘grasp, grab, get hold of’. We grasp sound as materialising a space, as a particular timbre, as a trace of bodily impressions, and as part of a symbolic realm. When we grasp sound, corporeal memories and diverse patterns of understanding coalesce. Through the acoustic sound of the violin and its interaction with sound reproduction (loudspeakers), Greifen explores the conditions that shape sound perception in our media-saturated culture.


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