Sonic Acts at Paradiso


Saturday 27 February



Yousuke Fuyama 'Experimentation For DATA-Material', Sonic Acts 2013 .Photo by Szilvi Toth
This monumental Saturday night starts off with immersive audiovisual performances. Featuring over 20 DJs and live performances, the programme begins in the evening and continues until the early hours, presenting everything from experimental film to bass-heavy dance sets by international DJs and producers from acclaimed collectives such as Janus, NON, Endless, Staycore, Knives and Progress Bar, who have travelled from cities such as Cape Town, Copenhagen, Brighton, Berlin, Oslo and London who will play electronic music fuelled by R&B, kuduro, grime, reggaeton, techno, kizomba, and field recordings sourced from the Internet. This programme was compiled in collaboration with Viral Radio and in real-time, with the line-up taking shape intuitively by clicking from one artist to the next and listening to a lot of music. Sonic Acts curators Gideon Kiers’ and Juha van ‘t Zelfde’s description of the process: "Where we used to discover new artists via Boomkat, or via forensically filtering labels on, we now spend our days surfing Soundcloud, switching between its automated recommendation algorithm and our own tumblings deep within the rabbit hole of known and unknown profiles. Occasionally we’d follow a link to outside domains, such as Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp, only to become even more lost in high-pressure areas of social network weather. Tuning the algorithms to refine search results is a rewarding and often riveting form of research. In the end it all comes down to listening to a lot of music, formulating criteria on the fly. It’s all quite intuitive, and very social: you not only listen to your own judgement; at the same time you inform it by listening to others too, either directly or by proxy via the algorithms."

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