Anton Kats: Radio Sound System

SONIC ACTS ACADEMY Anton Kats: Radio Sound System 28 February 2016 - De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, the Netherlands --- Artist and researcher Anton Kats’ history with radio is a long one, spanning from his early memories of growing up in Ukraine, to recent projects in Jamaica. Anton’s fascination with radio was inspired by his grandfather, who was a field radio operator during the Second World War. His own work reflects and subverts the more established news and entertainment radio formats. According to Kats, radio does not need to follow the one-to-many model, but can also be used as a means to explore a local space together. During his presentation, Anton will introduce his notion of Narrowcast, a radio format that provides the means to deal with site-specific problems through accessing and distributing useful, everyday knowledge. Anton will draw upon an ongoing project, initiated in collaboration with the Centre of Possible Studies at Serpentine Galleries, in which he develops collaborative work in contexts of local neighbourhoods and explores the ambiguity of art practice as a pragmatic tool to counter and respond to the questions concerned with exclusion and poverty. Encircling the field of Artistic Research as Pedagogy, Anton will propose an expanded understanding of radio as a working social power located in-between institutionally formal and informal contexts.

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