Sonic Acts Academy 2016: Impressions

From 26 - 28 February the first edition of Sonic Acts Academy took place in Amsterdam. For this three-day event artists, theorists, and scientists were invited to expand on their research through lectures, concerts, film programmes, work presentations, masterclasses and workshops. The Academy relates to topics that are connected to the ‘dark matter’ theme Sonic Acts is currently investigating with its projects such as Dark Ecology and The Geologic Imagination, informed by the realisation that we live in the Anthropocene, and questioning how this forces us to rethink concepts of nature, culture, technology, and ecology. The opening took place at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam with performances by Thomas Ankersmit, Okkyung Lee, and others. The programme at de Brakke Grond featured lectures and presentations by Susan Schuppli, Louis Henderson, Heather Davis and others, and the performance and club night at Paradiso featured Lotic, M.E.S.H., Nkisi, and many others.

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