John Palmesino - Anthropocene Tipping Points

SONIC ACTS FESTIVAL - THE NOISE OF BEING John Palmesino - Anthropocene Tipping Points 24 February 2017 - De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands --- Anthropocene Tipping Points Territories are the complex set of relations to things that keep us alive. They are bound spaces, where intersecting borders establish semi-stable relations between polities and their material base of operations. The Anthropocene marks an exit from modern forms of territorial organisation of humanity. Remote sensing and technologies of measuring and surveying lay out new territories cutting through pre-established ones, often in a violent way. These new territories reconfigure the transient relations between the institutionalised forms of cohabitation and their material spaces. No more figure/ground. John Palmesino is an architect and urbanist. He has established Territorial Agency together with Ann-Sofi Rönnskog. Territorial Agency is an independent organisation that innovatively promotes and works for sustainable territorial transformations. Territorial Agency works to strengthen the capacity of local and international communities in comprehensive spatial transformation management. Territorial Agency’s projects channel available spatial resources towards the development of their full potential.

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