Secret Chamber I

Mellargeret Kirkenes

‘Secret Chamber’ – in Russian Тайная Комната (Tainaya Komnata) – is the name for the audiovisual events in unexpected, ‘secret’ locations, curated by Anya Kuts and Ivan Zoloto from Petrozavodsk. The Secret Chambers are a never-ending experiment. They started in Karelia (North-West Russia) as an attempt to break with the concept of a ‘gig’ and challenge music lovers to find new ways of appreciating sonic art. Previous Secret Chambers took place in an old courthouse, in attics, living rooms of wooden cabins in forests, industrial lofts, desolate beaches, public libraries, cinemas, art galleries, independent venues and bars. The first Secret Chamber in the Dark Ecology programme features performances by Chikiss, one of the most versatile artists on the Russian electro-indie scene; slow ambient techno by Sergey Suokas; and a set by electronic master Andreas Nordenstam.

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