Zine – Sonic Acts Academy Volume 1 – Sonic Acts 2016

Format: 17 x 24 cm Designed and edited by Femke Herregraven and Arthur Roeloffzen Text edited by LGOC, Amsterdam Published by Sonic Acts Press, Amsterdam Zine, 64 pp., English text, illustrated Sonic Acts 2016 €7.00 The beautifully designed and printed Sonic Acts Academy Volume 1 is a zine-style publication published as an accompaniment to the first edition of the Sonic Acts Academy. The publication contains a collection of short essays, manifestos, statements and visuals by Academy contributors #Additivism, Thomas Ankersmit, Louis Henderson, Ewa Justka, Anton Kats, Okkyung Lee, Yoneda Lemma, Maryanne Amacher Archive, M.E.S.H., Anna Mikkola, BJ Nilsen, Sally-Jane Norman, Dick Raaijmakers, Daïchi Saïto, Susan Schuppli, Jos Smolders (WaSm), Raphael Vanoli, Ana Vaz and Frans de Waard (WaSm). Table of Contents 2 Okkyung Lee 5 Coal by BJ Nilsen 7 ‘Additional Tones’ Workbook IV (IV) by Maryanne Amacher Archive 9 The Ideophone by Dick Raaijmakers 19 Thomas Ankersmit 23 Granular Synthesis – The Sound of Sand by Susan Schuppli 27 The Fluid Outside: The 3D Additivst Manifesto by #Additivism 31 A Manifesto by Ana Vaz 33 COYOTE 0 by Tristan Bera, Nuno da Luz, Elida Høeg, Clémence Seurat and Ana Vaz 35 Sally-Jane Norman 37 Louis Henderson 41 Engram of Returning by Daïchi Saïto 45 Thinking of redevelopment as a stage of urban amnesia is a strategic mistake by Anton Kats 47 Live performance as a Zen experience by WaSm (Jos Smolders) 49 Don’t Start! (A few notes on the process of creation) by WaSM (Frans de Waard) 51 M.E.S.H. 53 XENOLISTENING: Skhismasonic Growing Pains by Yoneda Lemma 59 Anna Mikkola 61 Raphael Vanoli 63 Ewa Justka

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