Turbulence Studies: Latent Amongst the Air by Mint Park

Tuesday 10 May 12:18

Sound and new media artist Mint Park is fascinated by the ever-morphing shapes of turbulence. ​​From trembling airplane seats and rattling windows, to unpredictable weather patterns and disruptive states of disorder, as a concept, turbulence gusts through the realms of politics, meteorology and mechanical physics. Based on the phenomenon, Mint Park has been building a fluid dynamic apparatus since 2020 as a way to understand turbulence as a contingent process – an event that is shaped by nuanced changes in temperature and air pressure, velocity and density. Latent Amongst the Air, a performative installation resulting from this, will form an ephemeral landscape in which air is made tangible and audible through the visible movements of microscopic particles. Developed in collaboration with Zois Loumakis and Jesus Iglesias, the work takes up the delicate conditions that give rise to turbulence, using them as a speculative lens to encounter, viscerally, the interdependencies that make up our environments. The performative installation opens to the public on Thursday 26 May at MACA, followed by four additional performances taking place over the weekend, on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May. Park has also collaborated on the programme for Sonic Acts’ Night Air event on Friday 27 May at OT301, during which she will perform and give a talk. - Thursday 26 May at 20:00 (Opening) - Saturday 28 May at 16:00 & 20:30 - Sunday 29 May at 13:00 & 16:00 Visitors are welcome for drinks and to engage with the installation one hour prior to performance times. Performances last approximately 45 minutes. → Tickets (€5) are now available via Eventbrite

Mint Park & the Quiet Ensemble. Photo by Pieter Kers.

About the organisers

Born in Seoul, Mint Park is currently based in Amsterdam. Working at the intersection of music, technology, science and art, in recent years she has been researching the phenomenon of turbulence and devising a weather-like ecosystem of fluid dynamics with sound, air and light. Her audio-visual practice focuses on the experience of the inter-weaving physical environment and virtual spaces with immersive sound, light, and spatial apparatuses. Through spatial sound performances and installations, she explores the constantly fluctuating existential qualities in today’s binary spaces and machine-quantified time. Besides her own projects, she runs Unheard Records, a label focused on femme, minority, queer and under-represented experimental artists. MACA is a new creative workspace for filmmakers and audiovisual artists. An inspirational space for the film and AV community to meet, learn and share work and knowhow. Situated at the NDSM Wharf by the IJ river in Amsterdam Noord, the MACA warehouse hosts public as well as community-based workshops, screenings and exhibitions. maca.amsterdam Sonic Acts is an interdisciplinary arts organisation based in Amsterdam. Founded in 1994 to provide a platform for new developments in electronic and digital art forms, Sonic Acts has a year-round programme of activities geared towards supporting and showcasing artists, including a residency and mentorship programmes, publications, artwork commissions, workshops and events. Every two years Sonic Acts holds an intensive art, theory and technology festival motivated by changes in the ecological, political and social landscape. sonicacts.com

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