Sonic Acts Academy 2016

Sonic Acts Academy 2016 recap video
26-28 February 2016 The inaugural Sonic Acts Academy related to topics that are connected to the ‘dark matter’ theme Sonic Acts was investigating with its projects such as Dark Ecology and The Geologic Imagination, informed by the realisation that we live in the Anthropocene, and questioning how this forces us to rethink concepts of nature, culture, technology, and ecology. Sonic Acts Academy highlighted artistic engagement as vital to understanding the complexities of our contemporary world. Over the course of three days, artists presented work that challenged the sterile dichotomy of theory versus practice. Following an open and dynamic format, the Academy positioned art as a unique means of knowledge production, to be shared and expanded upon with future generations. Sonic Acts Academy invited artists, theorists, and scientists to expand on their research through lectures, concerts, film programmes, work presentations, masterclasses and workshops. The opening of Sonic Acts Academy took place on Friday 26 February, at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and was followed by two days of lectures, presentations and films screenings at De Brakke Grond. On Saturday 27 February, Sonic Acts took over Paradiso’s main and small halls with immersive audiovisual performances. Presenting everything from experimental film to bass-heavy dance sets, this segment of the Academy began in the early evening and lasted until the small hours. In the weeks preceding and following the Academy, masterclasses and workshops took place for artists, curators, students, theorists and cultural practitioners. These short courses, on topics ranging from atmospheric sensing to the disrupt nature of 3D modeling fabrications, presented a unique opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the theory and thinking of “dark matter”. More... Photos of Sonic Acts Academy 2016 Videos of Sonic Acts Academy 2016

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