You can make a donation to Sonic Acts through Paypal:
Any amount is welcome. To thank you for your donation, we have the following rewards: 25 euros – a set of Sonic Acts postcards 50 euros – Sonic Acts postcards + a bag 75 euros – Sonic Acts postcards + bag + t-shirt 100 euros – all of the above + a Sonic Acts publication of your choice 1000 euros or more – all of the above + free entrance to all our activities for one year. Sonic Acts is doing well, but even though we are growing, we are still a small organisation that tries to make the most of its limited resources. We are devoting more of our resources to commissioned works, organising master classes for students and young artists, and special projects such as Vertical Cinema and Dark Ecology. However, we have barely enough money to achieve these goals. An organisation like Sonic Acts cannot happen without help, which is why we gladly welcome any additional financial support. If you would like to make a gift or a bequest, please do so for the benefit of: Stichting Sonic Acts IBAN: NL31RABO0115136169 (SWIFT/BIC: RABONL2U). Should you wish to contact us about making a donation, or if you wish to become a strategic or financial partner, please send an e-mail to Lucas van der Velden at lucas[at]sonicacts[dot]com.

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