Sonic Acts Academy 2018

Sonic Acts Academy 2018 recap video
23-25 February 2018 Sonic Acts Academy 2018 was a platform for investigation, speculation, and reflection, focusing on educational practices and the critical examination of knowledge production in the field of art. By expanding artistic experience into an academy of engagement and exchange, it offered both a playground and a radical syllabus at odds with institutionalised learning. Society is rapidly changing under the pressure of economic, technological, and political expansions. The temporary and unstable configurations that make up our world ask for new and flexible approaches to making, learning, and thinking. Specifically, while budget cuts and standardisation of learning dominate our education systems – turning education into a breeding ground for an economy of knowledge-as-commodity – it is essential to re-examine how forms of learning can take place when unrestricted by measurable outcomes or predetermined expectations. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to address the function of art and the artist and to expand the conversation to include the processes of the ‘decolonisation of thought’ – certainly one of the most critical factors in artistic practices today. Instead of information moulded and pressed into a canon of ‘universal knowledge’ – a canon of power and force – we need to find space for the indistinctness of experience and knowledge that is shaped by our encounters with the here and now. By avoiding uniform formulas of learning and knowledge development, by not levelling out the unique qualities of those involved, and by creating new formats from making visible hidden processes in artistic work, we develop a lively educational milieu that reflects the thinking and productive power of a diverse society. By presenting artistic investigations and research – the processes that challenge the notions of the petrified world – Sonic Acts Academy aimed to advance experimentation by including various dynamic perspectives to the podium. Together, we needed to rethink how education can again become a tool for discovery, growth, development, and emancipation, and not just a machine that disseminates dominant models of thinking. More... Programme Guide Photos of Sonic Acts Academy 2018 Videos of Sonic Acts Academy 2018

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