Nick Axel - Tipping Points

SONIC ACTS FESTIVAL - THE NOISE OF BEING Nick Axel - Tipping Points 24 February 2017 - De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands --- Modernity is grounded in a conception of time that understands historical progression and change to be derived from a series of particular events, particular places, particular people, and particular actions. This particular history projects an anticipation of the future. We can witness this in the collective anxieties surrounding contemporary geopolitical events, from referenda, elections and territorial contests to infrastructural developments, oil spills, and bombings. How does this affect the societal bonds that keep us together, or keep us apart? The panel Tipping Points reflects on how events are conceptualised and gain significance through networks of power. Nick Axel is an architectural critic, theorist, editor and researcher based in Rotterdam. He is currently Deputy Editor of e-flux Architecture, where his work focuses on experimenting with the media and temporal logics of the architectural project. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Volume Magazine (#44–49), where his work sought to explore the implications of neoliberal subjectivity, global computation and anthropocenic thought on the discipline of architecture. Nick has taught architecture, design and theory at academies, universities and institutes in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and most recently, Russia.

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