Tonaliens double LP recorded live at Sonic Acts

Tonaliens have just released a new double LP with recordings from their live performance at Sonic Acts Festival 2015. The music of Tonaliens is focused on a specific area within the microtonal space that was discovered by mapping out the first three harmonics of three tubes of one of group's member's Werner Durand's self-invented Pan-Ney instrument. They named this area the Tonaliens chord, and both recordings on this double LP – two live performances from 2015 – are based on it. Sides A and B were recorded live in a church in Amsterdam, the Vondelkerk, during Sonic Acts Festival. Sides C and D contain a contrasting, more intimate performance made at KuLe in Berlin for the Labor Sonor concert series. Tonaliens is a Berlin-based group investigating the inner dimensions and outer limits of Just Intonation. Exploring harmonic space with voice , brass, invented instruments, sine waves and live electronics, Tonaliens navigate intricate musical relationships using Hayward Tuning Vine. You can purchase the double LP at our webshop.

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