Save the Date: Sonic Acts Academy

From 26 to 28 February 2016, Sonic Acts hosts a new programme at the intersection of art, music and science at several locations in Amsterdam. Over the course of three days, Sonic Acts Academy will invite artists, theorists, and scientists to expand on their research through lectures, concerts, film programmes, work presentations, masterclasses and workshops.

Michael Welland, Sonic Acts 2015. Photo by Pieter Kers
From 2016 onwards the Academy will be held every two years, alternating with the bi-annual festival, to create space for a more focused and research-oriented programme, offering thought-provoking new perspectives on the research into art, the research needed for art and especially research through art. The Academy relates to topics that are connected to the ‘dark matter’ theme Sonic Acts is currently investigating with its projects such as Dark Ecology and The Geologic Imagination, informed by the realisation that we live in the Anthropocene, and questioning how this forces us to rethink concepts of nature, culture, technology, and ecology. At the Academy you can expect science-fiction-like scenarios, innovative anthropological approaches, field recordings from extremely remote latitudes, the re-interpretation of groundbreaking experimental works, and also cutting-edge music and inspiring lectures. The opening of the event takes place on Friday, 26 February, at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and is followed by two days of lectures, presentations and films screenings at the Brakke Grond, a new location for Sonic Acts. On Saturday, 27 February, Sonic Acts will take over Paradiso’s main and small halls with concerts and performances, lasting until the small hours. In the weeks preceding and following the Academy, there will be masterclasses and workshops for artists, curators, students, theorists and cultural practitioners. Programme updates, information and ticket information will be announced through this website soon. Sonic Acts Academy 2016 Friday 26 – Sunday 28 February 2016 Locations: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Brakke Grond & Paradiso

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