Rest Assured: A Reading Group by MELT

Monday 14 March 15:13

Rest Assured is a reading group convened by MELT (Ren Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr) as part of the Sonic Acts Practicum series. The reading group will take place online in two sessions, with joyful interruptions on Signal in between. Each session includes ISL interpretation and Automatic Closed Captions.

Dates & Times

• 30 April 2022 (13:00 – 15:00 CET with 25 min break) • 14 May 2022 (13:00 – 15:00 CET with 25 min break)


Both times online with ISL Interpreter + Automatic Closed Captions **with joyful in-between (half meeting) interruptions with Signal**


If you self-identify as disabled or trans*/gender non-conforming, we will privilege you being in our group :). You can indicate this in the application form when you apply via the “Apply now” button found at the top right corner or the bottom of this page. This reading group will include closed captions & an ISL Interpreter, if you have any additional access needs, please indicate it in the sign up form or write to and we will make them happen — we want to make access!
Image Description: On a grassy ground, a blanket patched together in big stitches and from colourful fabrics holds two pillow objects that rest gently on and under the blanket’s patterns. Above, and shifted slightly diagonally is a simplified white outline illustration of the same blanket. It’s as though the blanket whispered: Rest with me!

About the Workshops

Rest Assured is a reading group on non-normative ways of experiencing, theorising, materialising, subverting and being in time. We meet twice (and a half): On the 30th of April from 1 - 3pm CEST as well as on the 14th of May from 1-3pm CEST. In-between (= the half), the group will stay in touch via a Signal group and share reflections, prompts, sounds, videos and more. Working with texts from Trans*feminism and Disability Studies, we will develop methods to be and read together when we meet synchronously and asynchronously throughout the in-between time. No preparation is required, but a slow engagement throughout the in-between time is wished for. The workshop will employ different modalities for learning and reading together–focusing on different approaches to time, such as trans*, crip, and kinship time. Engaging in deep reading, and thinking together, through different experiences of time acts as a path to return to, and intervene in, a normative framework of chronormative time. What non-normative understandings of time share is that they embrace non-linearity, loops, circles, palindromes, discontinuities, slowness, and attention to pace. In this moment of late stage extractivist capitalism this workshop provides space to rest together with texts as a way to create space for embodied joyful textual plurality amidst our reality of foreclosing worlds. With the title rest assured we invite you to rest with us – to feel assured in your need to rest - and rest your body alongside some texts and unfold what emerges with us. To tune into the themes and modalities of the workshop we invite you to engage with our website artwork never odd or even:

How to participate

Please sign up via this Homerun link by 12 April. You’ll need to fill out a short information form (name and email address) and answer some questions to help us get to know you better. This is not a competition, but space is limited for the workshop, so MELT will make a selection of participants. You’ll find out by April 17 if you’ve been selected to join the workshop. More about MELT Sonic Acts OVEREXPOSED residents

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