Third Edition of Progress Bar Amsterdam ft. Nkisi, GAIKA, Crystallmess, Ling and Abyss X

05-04-2016 13:39

On Saturday 23 April the third edition of Progress Bar takes place at Tolhuistuin Amsterdam, with live performances and DJ sets by Nkisi, GAIKA, Crystallmess, Ling, Yon Eta, Juha and, the latest addition to the line-up, Abyss X. Progress Bar is a new collaboration between Sonic Acts, Lighthouse and Viral Radio. Described as a ‘forward-thinking arts festival’ by FACT Magazine, the event presents a lively mix of talks, live performances and DJ sets. From vanguard producers and filmmakers to trending artists and designers, Progress Bar provides insights into the creative practice of contemporary culture's most exciting names. For the first two editions Progress Bar invited highly acclaimed acts like King Midas Sound, Lafawndah and Ital Tek and new talents such as Endgame, Lexxi, Kamixlo, Fis and Pyur. For this edition, Progress Bar features live performances and DJ sets by Nkisi, GAIKA, Crystallmess, Ling and Yon Eta. They will be joined by Progress Bar resident Juha. There will also be a talks with Nkisi and GAIKA. Light design by Marco Broeders. Nkisi Nkisi is the alias of Melika Ngombe Kolongo, an artist raised in Belgium and now living in London. She's a producer, DJ and co-founder of NON Records, a collective of African artists and of the diaspora, using sound as their primary media, to articulate the visible and invisible structures that create binaries in society, and in turn distribute power. GAIKA Beatmaker, MC and artist Gaika was born and raised in Brixton. His singular, confrontational performance style reflects influences such as Basquiat, Tricky and The Weeknd. Chrystallmess “As a Paris born and raised writer, Christelle Oyiri regularly delves into fertile subcultures and corners of the past. But when she gets behind the decks as Crystallmess, she plays a combination of west african rhythms, bass music, french house music and french carribean dancehall/soca reshaping what french club music means beyond its colonial definition." (S.Renaldo) Abyss X Greek-born LA-based producer, singer and multi-disciplinary artist Abyss X released her debut EP "Echoes" on Extasis Records, Mexico City's label founded by NAAFI's member LAO. She is currently in the process of launching S H ❌ M E which has manifested itself as a platform for radio shows, events and hopefully, in the future as a label of raw sounding material. Her live shows are of raw and agressieve nature, described by some as "savage". Yon Eta Yon Eta has a maximalist approach regarding sound while consciously striving to limit the options in the production process of his music. This Amsterdam-based composer and DJ runs the DEVORM imprint, offering artists the opportunity to challenge their musical ideas. In recent years he has released audiovisual works in collaboration with FOAM, EYE Film Institute and Freeform Festival. Yon Eta has won major awards at De Grote Prijs van Nederland (2010) and the Berlin Music Video Awards (2013). Juha DJ and Viral Radio founder Juha plays Internet dance music. The artistic director of Lighthouse in Brighton since 2014, he unites the worlds of culture and technology. In 2012, Juha won De Hallen Curatorial Scholarship for his proposal DREAD - The Dizziness of Freedom. As of 2016, Juha presents Viral Radio on ResonanceEXTRA, a monthly two-hour programme following new developments deep down the rabbit hole of Internet music culture. Light design by Marco Broeders (Co2RO) Event Details Progress Bar ft. Nkisi, GAIKA, Crystallmess, Ling and Juha Date: 23 April 2016 Venue: Paradiso Noord, Tolhuistuin, IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam Times: 21:00–04:00 (doors open 20:30) Tickets: €12,50. Purchase via Ticketmaster or at the door (card only)

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