New podcasts in collaboration with Ràdio Web MACBA

Ràdio Web MACBA has published two new podcasts in collaboration with Sonic Acts, featuring educators and theorists Irit Rogoff and Ramon Amaro, who both gave lectures at Sonic Acts Festival 2019. The podcasts are available to listen to on Ràdio Web MACBA's podcast programme SON[I]A.

Irit Rogoff is a writer, educator, researcher and curator, and Professor of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths College, University of London, a department she founded in 2002. Rogoff has organised and participated in many projects for collective thought and action, such as SUMMIT Non-Aligned Initiatives in Education Culture (2007), and the more recent European Forum for Advanced Practices (2017). In the podcast, Irit Rogoff talks about ways of creating participatory, creative, and cognitive alliances that allow us to critically inhabit contemporaneity. She also calls for the need to devise processes of unlearning, inside and outside the academy, that will pave the way to new and unexpected kinds of knowledge. Rogoff defends the importance of the long-term research processes that are made possible by universities, in contrast to the neoliberal maelstrom of immediate impact and results. And she argues for the need to create a new, constantly evolving vocabulary that allows us to name and talk about these new research models. Ramon Amaro is a lecturer in the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, London, and also in the Centre for Research Architecture. His work revolves around speculative articulations in machine learning, philosophies of being, mathematics, engineering, and black ontology.  In the podcast, Ramon Amaro introduces the basics of machine learning, its criteria for assigning value, the collision between blackness and the artificial, its flaws, and the problem of impunity that all too often accompanies them. He also calls for a techno-resistance that would require us to sacrifice our current view of the world and of ourselves.  Irit Rogoff and Ramon Amaro’s lectures at Sonic Acts Festival 2019 are available to watch on the Sonic Acts YouTube and Vimeo channels, alongside videos of the rest of the conference and past festival editions.
Irit Rogoff at Sonic Acts Festival 2019, De Brakke Grond.
Ramon Amaro at Sonic Acts Festival 2019, De Brakke Grond.

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