MELT add new layers to artwork 'never odd or even'

Thursday 24 February 15:50

Delve into another layer of time, and of this ongoing project from OVEREXPOSED residents MELT (Ren Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr). Interwoven across online and print media, never odd or even explores multiple overlapping perspectives on numerous temporalities. As the project unfolds in various stages and formats, this latest development presents an essay and transparent inlay and in digital and physical form. Both will be published in the forthcoming Issue #3 of Ecoes, a periodic magazine from Sonic Acts about art in the age of pollution. The inlay can be physically overlaid on a laptop screen to fit the ‘map’ on their website. The essay explores many of the same temporalities addressed on the website – and more – in theory and in detail, spanning perspectives that intersect physics, hormone therapy, disability studies and climate change, among many others. Both essay and interlay can also be viewed on the never odd or even site, and the article can be read digitally in .pdf form. The never odd or even site also already features multiple works that consider non-normative ways of experiencing, theorising, materialising and subverting being in time – opening to different temporalities through its evolving tabs: Map, Colophon, Meditation, Lecture and Ice. Visit the website here.

A double screenshot of MELT’s feature in Issue 3 of Ecoes magazine. The left half of the image has a background with four spiky plant-like forms drawn onto a sheet of paper by MELT. Three of them are filled in with a felt-tip in different opacities and one remains an outline. Overlaid on this is the first half of the title that says “never odd” and a byline that says “MELT (Ren Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr)". Right half of the image is a screenshot of the next page in MELT’s Ecoes magazine feature. The second half of the header says “or even” with the subtitle “a wobbly map for time travel”, followed by a paragraph of text that says, “This is a wobbly map for non-normative ways of experiencing, theorising, materialising, subverting and being in time. On this map, crip time is time travel; Trans* time undoes chrononormativity; Sick time makes time for care; kinship time reads time through changes in non-individual kinship relations; and holding an ice block for six minutes and sixty-eight seconds hurts (we will get to that). What non-normative understandings of time share is that they embrace non-linearity, loops, circles, palindromes, discontinuities, slowness, and attention to pace.”

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