Austrian premiere Mario de Vega's Dolmen at donaufestival

Over the last two weekends Mario de Vega’s Dolmen had its Austrian premiere at the donaufestival. The work was recently presented at Sonic Acts 2015 and is a co-production by Sonic Acts and donaufestival, and was very well received by the audience and the press:

[…] de Vega manages to successfully communicate highly complex relationships. [...] The dark futuristic Dolmen structure creaks and crashes like a receiver for radio waves from outer space, producing what sounds like the totality of all information simultaneously: simply overwhelming. - Helmut Ploebst, Der Standard, 27.04.2015)
Dolmen evolved from De Vega’s interests in radio signals and the possible negative influence of electromagnetic pollution on humans. It is an intervention that explores the boundaries of human perception as well as the social, political, and physical impact of telecommunications technology. It makes the public physically aware of the presence of wireless signals in space – the radio signals that are the carrier waves of our digital communications.
Mario de Vega's Dolmen at donaufestival (photo David Visnjic)

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