Into The Great Wide Open invites Joris Strijbos

Wednesday 31 August 11:16

Into The Great Wide Open 2016, the annual festival on the island of Vlieland, invited Rotterdam-based artist Joris Strijbos to present his kinetic sound-and-light installation IsoScope, commissioned by Sonic Acts for Dark Ecology. The festival starts tomorrow (1-7 September). IsoScope consists of multiple robotic wind objects that interact with each other and with the landscape to perform a generative composition manifesting itself through emergent behaviour. Strijbos wanted to create an outdoor man-made phenomenon – an abstract sound-and-light entity – which, like most natural phenomena, can only be experienced under specific weather conditions. The work can be seen as a proposition for a new kind of machinic and artificial life. Though Strijbos spent a lot of time on the technical and functional development of the work, IsoScope is foremost a sensorial experience in which the audience can wander through the rotating lights and a constantly changing sonic cloud. More information about IsoScope Into The Great Wide Open

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