Interview: Marja Ahti's soundscapes

Thursday 1 April 10:51

Presenting her new era of abstract and elusive sounds, Marja Ahti tells us about working solo, performing live and her stance on clutter in her performances. The act of listening forms the cornerstone of Ahti’s artistic processes, allowing her to draw parallels between sounds and space. An amalgamation of field samples and acoustic sounds, molded by her vision of sound as a physical entity, her performance elevates the act of listening to a poetic and elusive experience. Moreover, working with a multi-channel setup for the first time, Ahti seeks to use this to its fullest potential in bringing across this acoustic sensation to the listener. Read the full article, hosted by Re-imagine Europe, here. More information on the Re-imagine Europe project can be found here. You can watch an excerpt of the world premiere of Marja Ahti’s multichannel speaker composition The Altitudes on the Sonic Acts YouTube channel.

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