Read online: Sensititve States of Perception with Kali Malone

Thursday 1 April 10:34

From Colorado to Stockholm and from sound technician to organ tuner: Kali Malone highlights artistic journeys, both physically and intellectually and what it means to her to combine her musical experience in vocal music with theoretical practices. In this interview Malone presents what drives her artistic processes and highlights the dichotomy between her self-proclaimed chaotic nature and the rigid set of concept-based discipline derived from her personal interest in instrument tuning. Read the full interview, hosted by Re-imagine Europe, here. More information on the Re-imagine Europe project can be found by clicking this link. Sonic Acts proudly presented the premiere of Kali Malone's multichannel piece Untitled at Sonic Acts Academy 2020. You can watch an excerpt of the performance below or at the Sonic Acts YouTube channel.

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