Anguille Vannamei and Erik Peters Selected for Underexposed

Wednesday 4 May 16:11

Sonic Acts is delighted to announce that duo Anguille Vannamei – composed of Noam Youngrak Son and Sarah Fitterer – and Erik Peters have been selected for the second iteration of the Underexposed mentorship programme. Underexposed is an online mentorship and training programme focused on supporting young, Netherlands-based artists during the early stages of their careers. It offers a mentorship period in which selected artists work with members of the Sonic Acts curatorial team, providing an opportunity to get feedback and professionalise their practice. More specifically, this round of Underexposed centres in particular on assisting artists with conceptualising their work, mostly in text or writing, and helps them improve the way they present artistic concepts, projects, plans and budgets in grant applications and other (public) presentations. Anguille Vannamei and Erik Peters follow Angeliki Diakrousi and Yara Said, who were selected to take part of the first iteration of Underexposed between May and June 2021. The second instalment will take place over a similar, six-week period from April to June 2022. Anguille Vannamei comprises Noam Youngrak Son and Sarah Fitterer, two artists who find themselves in continual attunement. The pair's research topics frequently overlap and intersect, finding fertile ground for cross pollination. For instance, as Noam began querying how eels might perceive human sex, Sarah was investigating anthropocentric visualisations of shrimp intercourse. SPA, their first collaborative project, reflects critically on the exploitative and profit-driven relationship between humans and aquatic species. Noam is an interdisciplinary media designer who attempts to convey the stories of marginalised bodies into designed forms. Sarah is a researcher, artist and occasional activist exploring the values that our food systems are built upon. Having both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, their works have been featured at the Venice Biennale, MU Eindhoven, Gogbot Museum of the Future and Re:Kultura, Kraków. Erik Peters engages with the world-building potentialities seeded in the act of storytelling, uncovering how speculative fiction can germinate new universes of being. His research-based practice is situated in the multiporous web of independencies between ecologies and technologies, human and non-human beings. Within his work, queer methodologies are evoked to create multidiscipinary scenarios; imaginative fables staged as spatial and interactive installations, workshops, publications and audiovisual works. Since graduating cum laude from AKI ArtEZ Enschede in Crossmedia Design, Erik has gone on to study Design for Art Direction at the London College of Communication, as well completed a course in Philosophy of Technology and Design at the University of Twente.

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