Sonic Acts presents Space Debris on 18 January 2014

New Year’s Reception & Book Launch The Dark Universe   On 18 January Sonic Acts and Gonzo (circus) would like to invite you to celebrate the start of the new year with us. Sonic Acts launches the book, epub and PDF-version of The Dark Universe with an afternoon about space debris.   The printed version of The Dark Universe has already been available for a while: 344 pages in full colour, lavishly illustrated, with essays and interviews about dark matter and unknown aspects of our universe. In January 2014 a less expensive PDF and epub-version will also be available for those who prefer reading texts on their favourite screens. We celebrate this triad with an afternoon at De Balie about space debris, featuring European Space Agency-researcher Bernard Foing, author and media theorist Omar Muñoz-Cremers, award-winning designer Femke Herregraven, and the DJs from Gonzo (circus).   Space debris, orbital junk, space junk… ten years ago almost nobody had heard of it, but it has become a serious problem for space exploration. The bulkier remnants of spent rocket stages and old satellites orbiting the Earth are accompanied by dust from solid rocket fuel and flakes of paint. Even a tiny paint flake can be hazardous because of the speed at which it travels in orbit. Scientists are working on solutions: Bernard Foing from the European Space Agency focuses on ESA’s research in this field and the latest developments in space exploration. SF author and theorist Omar Muñoz-Cremers reads a new story written especially for the occasion. Award-winning designer Femke Herregraven talks about her research into ‘dark data’. The DJs from Gonzo (circus) provide a soundtrack of adventurous music.   Space Debris Saturday 18 January 2014 at 16:00 De Balie (Salon), Amsterdam Admission is free, but reservation is recommended via RSVP via the Facebook-event

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