Sonic Acts at Donaufestival

The Sonic Acts/Kontraste team is proud to present two works as part of the Donaufestival, which takes place on 25 and 26 April and from 30 April to 3 May 2014 in Krems, Austria.   Finnbogi Petursson prepared his latest installation OFF - 3HZ for the Kapitelsaal in Klangraum Minoritenkirche. This site-specific work was realised in cooperation with Kontraste 2013 and AIR – Artist in Residence Krems, and deals with states of consciousness and brainwave frequencies in the transition between slow-wave sleep/dream phases and awakening. The floor of the Kapitelsaal is covered with waterproof foil to form a basin that is filled with water. Sound waves are transmitted to the surface of the water and become light reflections on the walls of the space.   Sonic Acts artist Joris Strijbos and Daan Johan (Macular) developed PARSEC, a kinetic audiovisual machine that consists of 16 identical arms. Each arm is equipped with light and sound producing devices that scatter abstract audiovisual patterns while rotating. The core of the installation comprises a swarm synthesizer: 16 identical analogue and modular synthesizers programmed to perform swarm-like behaviour. The installation, presented by Sonic Acts, plays with the sense of perception and is an intense, hypnotic experience.

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