Performance Volta at Age of Wonder festival

This coming weekend, March 28-30, the festival Age of Wonder takes place in the 100-year-old Natlab in Eindhoven. Part of their programme is the remake of Dick Raaijmakers’ performance Volta, which Sonic Acts co-produced.   Remake of Dick Raaijmakers’ performance Volta by Michiel Pijpe and the ArtScience Interfaculty, and in co-production with Sonic Acts. A giant battery is constructed, producing energy for exactly one light bulb. Raaijmakers (1930-2013) was a multimedia artist and one of the founding fathers of Dutch electronic music, investigating this field in Natlab in the fifties.   With a distinctive programme focussing on bold visions and big ideas, the festival Age of Wonder zooms out from our spot on the timeline and looks to the past and the future. In so doing, Age of Wonder takes the essence and the existence of the 100-year-old Natlab as a starting point.   More information about the performance Volta during Age of Wonder:

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