End of Year Sale at the Sonic Acts shop

Christmas time is gift time. Until the end of the year lots of Sonic Acts items such as books, t-shirts and bags will be sold for special discount prices in the Sonic Acts webshop.   For example: Travelling Time publication [2012] €24.50 €17.50 Cahier 1 The Aelectrosonic  [2011] €7.00 €6.00 Cahier 2 A Ray of Darkness  [2012] €7.00 €6.00 Kontraste Cahier 1, 2 & 3 for the price of two €21.00 €14.00 The Dark Universe T-shirts €15.00 €7.50   ... and much more publications and merchandise with up to 50% discount!   Have a look! http://www.sonicacts.com/shop

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