Find us on our new website!

Monday 21 November 16:16

As Sonic Acts continues to grow, we are excited to reveal a brand-new website and visual identity for Sonic Acts – you can now find us at This website,, remains online as a digital archive. The new concept behind the website and visual identity emerges as a visual reflection on the discursive complexities so often encountered in interdisciplinary research, crafting a website that is both steadfast under pressure, while at the same time constantly changing, shifting, and growing with public interaction. Our new logo is built into the code of the website, its movement beginning at a new starting point as each user travels through the site. In addition to being aesthetically fresh, the new also includes a host of archival content. In the Discover section, visitors can uncover past iterations of the festival, programmes, workshops and events, as well as video interviews, commissioned artworks, exploratory podcasts to listen to and engaging long read articles. Here you'll also find an overview of release and publications, including the latest issues of Ecoes magazine. For staying up to date with our upcoming events, access the Agenda section. There’s a Community section where you can find an overview of artists, researchers and thinkers who have collaborated with Sonic Acts over the years.

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