Long Wave Synthesis

location tbc

Prototypes, work-in-progress and research presentation Long Wave Synthesis is Raviv Ganchrow’s commissioned piece for Dark Ecology that probes relations between how we perceive the landscape and long-wave vibrations. It is conceived as a one-kilometre wide vibrant terrain to be experienced by way of peripatetic listening Utilising a phased array of 8 custom-built very low frequency generators, the piece aims at creating a complex topography of acoustic waves spreading out from the array (in a range of 4 to 30 Hz) and covering approximately one square kilometre of vibrations. In this first on-site work-in-progress presentation near Kirkenes airport, Raviv Ganchrow will discuss and demonstrate aspects of the research leading up to this work. Long Wave Synthesis focuses on material properties of sound in the lower threshold of human hearing, and investigates ways in which a location manifests itself through interactions between walking, territory and sonic attention. The long waves physically interact with the topography and atmospheric conditions, while simultaneously ‘oscillating’ our sense of surroundings.

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