Signe Lidén – krysning/пересечение/conflux

For her commission Signe Lidén ‘sound-measured’ the border-zone during field trips in the surroundings of Kirkenes and Nikel. She walked across pastures, mountains and manmade landscapes such as military zones, harbours, mining areas and settlements, determining her route by shooting an arrow. By applying this unorthodox research method – a bow and arrow with recording devices and a weather balloon with a camera – she explored the coincidental in the ‘points of references’ on which knowledge systems and worldviews are based. The recording process is presented in the resulting work, a performance of 30 minutes, along with the collected audio and visual material.

Commissioned by Sonic Acts and Hilde Methi for Dark Ecology in collaboration with Arctic Encounters. 11 October 2014 Dark Ecology 2014 Nikel, Russia

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