Nina Pixel – Bias Loop

Nina Pixel, Bias Loop, at Sonic Acts Festival 2019, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Bias Loop is a sonic poem about reconnecting with the self. Nina Pixel, the artist behind the mysteriously-titled project Black Acid, tells stories that go beyond a mere amalgam of ritual rhythms looped in endless sonic soundscapes and dirty dark techno. The work was developed for ‘The Pentacle’ sound system – a powerful high fidelity mobile speaker system that was developed at STEIM, Amsterdam, by Fedde ten Berge and Jesse Meijer, consisting of 15 self-designed loudspeakers and 3 self-designed subwoofers. Bias Loop was developed during a residency at STEIM (organised by Sonic Acts) and presented at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam as part of Sonic Acts Festival 2019.
Interview with Nina Pixel at Sonic Acts Festival 2019
Commissioned by Sonic Acts and A4 as a part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Nina Pixel is a conceptual storyteller, techno poet, deconstructor of ‘the obvious’ and a sound artist crossing the border of ritual rhythms looped in endless narcotic soundscapes and dystopic techno journey into the noise rites and industrial fairy tales. She often uses her experience mixed with recordings, trashed instruments she cannot play or does not play in a traditional way, to create a demonstration of the organic beauty of the imperfections of life. Nina plays hard distorted techno or dreamy soundscapes – often in a single session. Presentations Sonic Acts Festival 2019 22 February 2019 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam NEXT Festival 28 November 2018 Bratislava, Slovakia

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