Manuel Knapp – V~

V~ from Sonic Acts on Vimeo.

V~ is a work by Manuel Knapp , commissioned by Sonic Acts for Vertical Cinema (2013). The vertical plan of V~ demonstrates – in the sense of presenting evidence as well as in the sense of a projection – the process of creation from forces of numerical matter. Geometric objects constantly create and destroy themselves. Our perceptions are challenged by an immense diversity of forms that arise without following the evolutionary logic of a genesis, but continuously recreate themselves in a sublime flow of force through extinction; lines and surfaces appear and expand according to invisible rules, they vibrantly blend into landscapes, disappear and develop new formations. One can speak of an ecstatic sound production as well as a negative vitalism that stages the (auto) generation of numbers and their ephemeral composition as the expressiveness – a sensuality of expression – of software codes. In early ancient times, mathemata meant what we could learn from things and what they meant. Only later was the term related to working with numbers. It seems that the numerical has been hiding in objects for a long time, and the kinetic graphisms of Manuel Knapp can thus be understood as an old lifeform that has been moving and eating its way steadily through dark space since the beginning of time. (Marc Ries) 12 October 2013 Kontraste 2013 Krems, Austria 24 January 2014 International Film Festival Rotterdam Rotterdam, the Netherlands 20, 21, 22 & 23 February 2014 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Amsterdam, the Netherlands 7 & 8 November 2014 Leeds International Film Festival Leeds, England

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