Hugo Esquinca & Russell Haswell – Cadáver Exquisito Caleidoscópico En Cuatro Ejes

Cadáver Exquisito Caleidoscópico en Cuatro Ejes is a work by artists Hugo Esquinca and Russell Haswell and commissioned by Sonic Acts. It incorporates the game of ‘exquisite corpse’ – a technique of collective assembly in which they took turns contributing to the piece after receiving only a portion of what the other had previously contributed. Initially intended to be presented in a live multi-channel setting in the Spring of 2021, before its postponement as a result of Covid-19, Cadáver Exquisito is the second outcome of a unique collaborative approach the artists have taken through a series of virtual residencies. Now reconfigured to binaural audio, Cadáver Exquisito Caleidoscópico en Cuatro Ejes is available to download and experience in 3D stereo sound. The digital release is accompanied by a conversation between Esquinca and Haswell and philosopher and editor Robin Mackay, in which they discuss the development of the work amidst the contingency of the pandemic, and how elements of everyday life and current events came to permeate the auditory fragments they exchanged. → Free download Cadáver Exquisito Caleidoscópico en Cuatro Ejes (binaural)

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