BJ Nilsen – ORE

ORE is an acousmatic work by the Swedish sound artist, field recordist and composer BJ Nilsen. The composition is based on recordings that Nilsen made over four years at locations connected to the mining of iron ore and coal in Norway, Russia and the Netherlands. The work was developed for the Acousmonium sound diffusion system during a residency at Ina GRM, Paris, and reveals the artist’s research into the mining of iron ore and its impact on society and cultural relevance. ORE was presented at Paradiso, Amsterdam, as part of Sonic Acts Festival 2019.
Interview with BJ Nilsen at Sonic Acts Festival 2019
Commissioned by Ina GRM and Sonic Acts as a part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. BJ Nilsen is an Amsterdam-based composer and sound artist, whose work focuses on the sounds of nature and their effect on humans. His recent work explored the urban acoustic realm and industrial geography and mining in the Arctic region of Norway and Russia. Nilsen co-edited the book and CD The Acoustic City (JOVIS, 2014). His albums The Invisible City (2010) and Eye of the Microphone (2013) were released by Touch and Massif Trophies and Terroir (both 2017) by Editions Mego. He collaborated with filmmaker Karl Lemieux on the audiovisual work unearthed (2015) – which was presented at Sonic Acts and in the festival publication The Geologic Imagination – and again in 2017 on Yujiapu. Nilsen’s original soundtracks have been featured in theatre, dance performances and film in collaborations with Chris Watson, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Stilluppsteypa and others. Presentations Sonic Acts Festival 2019 21 February 2019 Paradiso Amsterdam Présences électronique 2019 24 March 2019 Paris, France

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