Book – Unsorted – Sonic Acts 2004

Format: 9,5 x 14,7 cm Edited by Sonic Acts Published by Sonic Acts Press, Amsterdam Designed by Book, paperback, 120 pp., English text, illustrated Sonic Acts 2004 €5.00 Art reflects the society, which gave birth to it. It is therefore not surprising that many new art forms have emerged in recent years (from computer art to neo-conceptualism and from business art to genomic art) which in form and content are rooted in the information society: the information arts. These information arts often defy several paradigms on which traditional art forms are based. Therefore, we have to pose the question if there are other models of categorization that provide us with a better insight in the arts. Rather than having the pretensions of sorting it all out, this publication discloses some of the relevant questions. Unsorted contains an encyclopedia of essays that gives you an A to Z introduction to various artistic concepts and art forms. From the critical piece Abstraction and Complexity by Lev Manovich to the reflective essay Yellow after Wassily Kandinsky by Will, this book has got you covered.

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