Ana Vaz: i prefer not to be but to Tupi: the age of the earth

SONIC ACTS ACADEMY Ana Vaz: i prefer not to be but to Tupi: the age of the earth 28 February 2016 - De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, the Netherlands --- The Work in itself does not exist, there is no whole or wholesomeness, what exists is a series of gestures, a multiplicity of perspectives, an anthropophagic hunger, a savage mode of thinking, a history that is not his and which incarnates itself into a patchwork of materials and re-sources – moving or still, phrased or shot, imprinted or travelling. I want to disorganise, to dissociate through association – to bring things together in order to undo their normative state. A multiple becoming through film or otherwise, an untying of historical thinking and monolithic prose, a becoming that renders narration an art of trickery, of cheating and betraying both sight or sound only to permanently de-colonise our modes of thinking. There is no pre-determined route, no fixed identity contours, no synthesis of authority, only a shaded presence, a visible and invisible cosmology that is both relief and surface. To be ethical is to be anxious, and this is the anxiety of the ethnographer or the anthropologist, the anxiety of history, the threat of shining too much light or casting too much shade – the anxious movement of ethical thinking.

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