Tangle Eye: Worldbuilding with Mixtapes A Workshop by Arjuna Neuman

Wednesday 27 April 13:00

Making mixtapes is a practice of untrained amateurs, often for sharing between lovers, but it is also the medium of bedroom producers through to label-produced pop artists. Because of this wide reach, mixtapes have the potential to carry deeply subversive and critical content to unlikely audiences. In this workshop, we will create together a collective mixtape that explores the ecological unconscious of contemporary Black music. Along the way, we will learn some basic audio editing skills, as well as how to start thinking/speculating sonically. For a workshop taking place online on 31 May & Thursday 2 June, Arjuna Neuman invites participants to bring songs that build an argument, or even a new world, towards a collective mixtape that imagines the world as otherwise.

The Workshop

Spread over two days, we will first learn of the untold history of the Blues, how along with its roots in West Africa, it was also deeply inspired by Indigenous music and culture local to Mississippi. We will use this research as a model for compiling songs – where mixtapes become a speculative argument on how to understand the world differently. This process reverses the Afrofuturist tendency that takes Black music off-planet or under the ocean, and instead, we go into the soil, mud and earth of the Yazoo Delta. Following the first session, participants will be invited to bring a selection of songs that builds an argument, or even a new world. These selections may be historically informed, contemporary, or one’s own compositions. What is important in the selection, is that the songs relate, intersect, entangle and come alive when placed side-by-side. For the final session, together we will compile the songs towards a collective mixtape that imagines the world as otherwise. Suggested reading & listening For Lula, Mississippi by Arjuna Neuman The Strangeness of Dub by Eddie George


Apply by 23 May through Homerun to join the workshop. You will be asked to submit a brief motivation (no more than 300 words) and a short biography (no more than 150 words about yourself). If selected for participation, you will be sent a confirmation email with a payment link. Please note that we will document the workshop for internal use (archiving). Cost € 5 – Full Price € 3 – Students Dates Two online sessions (participants partake in both) Tuesday 31 May 18:00 to 20:00 CET Thursday 2 June 16:00 to 18:00 & 18:30 to 21:30 CET Requirements No prior skills are needed, but some knowledge of a DAW or audio editing software would be helpful. There are 12 spots available.

Arjuna Neuman

Arjuna Neuman is an artist, writer, and filmmaker based in Berlin. He works with the essay form with a multi-perspectival and experimental approach in which he explores the economic, social and ideological systems that shape our lived experiences. Selected projects include collaborations with a philosopher Denise Ferreira da Silva on films and installations Serpent Rain (2016), 4 Waters-Deep Implicancy (2019) and Soot Breath // Corpus Infinitum (2021). His works have been shown at major biennials and exhibitions such as Berlin Biennial 10, Serpentine Gallery, Whitechapel, Sharjah Biennial, Bergen Assembly, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, etc. He also grows tomatoes and chillies in his studio.

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