never odd or even by MELT

Tuesday 25 January 14:12

Titled never odd or even, a new web-based work from OVEREXPOSED residents MELT (Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr) invites visitors to time travel. Unfolding over several months, the work begins now with a "wobbly plane" for non-normative ways of experiencing, theorising, materialising and subverting being in time. Presented as an (optional) game, this "Map" allows site visitors to move between various audio and textual ruminations on conceptions of past, present and future. In another fold, under the tab "Ice", the video work Temporal Drift relays experiences of pain, mutual support and ephemerality through the mediums of bodily heat and melting ice. MELT encourage visitors on never odd or even to go a their own pace and embrace non-linearity: navigating in loops and circles, playing along with palindromes, discontinuities or slowness. Look out for a feature on MELT in the next print issue of Ecoes magazine and watch this space for further developments. VISIT NEVER ODD OR EVEN

About MELT MELT (Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr) are arts-design researchers who work together on games, technology and critical pedagogy. Investigating the political and material conditions of technological infrastructures, they re-distribute agency through methods of queer play, unlearning and leaking. They were one of six artists and researchers in the first round of OVEREXPOSED, a residency programme from Sonic Acts. Melt on Instagram About OVEREXPOSED OVEREXPOSED is a residency programme from Sonic Acts investigating pollution and its effects on everything living and non-living, through which we aim to create awareness about pollution both in local surroundings and on a planetary scale. Using artistic research as an exploration of the connections between aesthetics, historical materiality and politics, the programme intends to stimulate thought and imagination about necessary steps – both locally and globally – and of course, direct action. The outcomes of the research will be presented in a variety of formats, including text publications, visual journals, and performative or discursive presentations.

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