Urban Wråkberg

Urban Wråkberg (NO) is a researcher who has dealt with the social and historical construction of scientific knowledge. He has worked with multidisciplinary teams including scholars, natural scientists and artists in field studies in Spitsbergen and its coastal seas, in East Greenland, Argentina, but mainly in the Barents Region. Some investigations have addressed our understanding of geographical borders, borders of the mind, and practices in crossing them. This has partly been related to the Border Aesthetics research programme at the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø. He has used approaches from literary and media studies in studying various styles of northern travels, from fact-finding excursions to polar tourism. On-going research includes re-photography in the Arctic relating to historical photography and maps, and Arctic alarmism in journalism. Links: en.uit.no/prosjekter/prosjekt?p_document_id=344772 (source photo: oceansciencehistory.wordpress.com/our-community/wrakberg/)


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