::vtol:: aka Dmitry Morozov - Лесофон / Lesophon

Thursday 9 June

19:00 - 21:00

Visitor Centre of Øvre Nationalpark Svanhovd

Friday 10 June

09:00 - 20:00

Visitor Centre of Øvre Nationalpark Svanhovd

Sat 11 Jun - Sun 12 Jun

10:00 - 18:00

Visitor Centre of Øvre Nationalpark Svanhovd

In the Pasvik Valley, between two pine trees, a few dozen adhesive tape rolls hang in a row. Attached by only a tiny piece of the tape, the rolls are slowly pulled towards the valley ground by their own weight, a process that takes several hours. Each of the rolls has a fixed mirror, an ultrasonic distance sensor that points downwards, and a small contact microphone. The microphone reads the vibration of the tape, which gradually increases as tape unwinds, while each tape works as a membrane, capturing the vibrations of the air, of its fixation point, and of the tape itself. Each microphone sprouts a long thin wire that form a web and converge in one point. As the tapes unwind, the web slowly changes its geometry. A video camera records the shape of the lowest line of the tape rolls. Together with the vibrations from the microphones and the data from the distance sensors, this shape produces an algorithm which generates sound that is transmitted on FM. The audience is invited to listen to the installation as it unwinds, through headphones and via FM radio.

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