Cecilia Jonsson - Prospecting: a Geological Survey of Greys

Sunday 12 June

15:00 - 16:30


Prospecting: A Geological Survey of Greys appropriates geological methods of extracting, analysing and ordering mineral specimens. It attempts to examine drilled rock core samples beyond their commercial viability to identify the bedrock’s gray tones. The drilling to 150 metres depth at Prestefjellet outside Kirkenes explores the thick foundation of ancient basement rock. Geologists say that this is 2500 million-year-old migmatitic gneiss, which means that the temperature was so high that the light minerals in the gneiss melted. The work visualises a temporary juxtaposition in the landscape with the residues of the drilling: a massive cylindrical column of rock cores shadowed by its negative, an adjacent 5-centimetre hole in the basement rock. Prospecting: a Geological Survey of Greys will be on show at the site for the whole summer. The journey to the work is accompanied by a new composition by Peter Meanwell. It features Celia Jonsson discussing her engagement with the landscape around Kirkenes, the geological formations that lie beneath our feet, and the physical processes of creating the installation. A soundtrack of field recordings of the surrounding area and the technology used to create the artwork metaphorically drills into the bedrock of Jonsson’s thinking and the creation of the work. From 12 June 2016, the audio can be downloaded from http://www.prospecting.darkecology.net.

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