Starting Tomorrow: Dark Ecology Journey 2015

Tatjana Gorbachewskaja, Nikel Materiality, commissioned for Dark Ecology Journey 2015. Image courtesy of the Artist
With just one day until we embark on the Dark Ecology Journey, participants are currently en route to the first stop: Kirkenes. Between 26 and 30 November journey participants will not only visit Kirkenes, but also Murmansk, Nikel and Zapolyarny, where they will take part in a programme that includes keynote lectures by Graham Harman and Susan Schuppli, as well as the presentation of new works commissioned by Dark Ecology that are presented for the first time. Joris Strijbos developed IsoScope, a kinetic outdoor sound-and-light installation that is influenced by the elements. Margrethe Pettersen presents Living Land - Above but also Below, a soundwalk inspired by the notion of Ice as a primary archival medium of the Arctic. Hilary Jeffery will perform Murmansk Spaceport with local musicians in a new formation of the musical ensemble LYSN. HC Gilje will present 2 new works: The video installation Barents (Mare Incognitum) and the light installation The Crossing. Tatjana Gorbachewskaya will take the participants on a curated walk through her former hometown, titled Nikel Materiality, in which the town is explored through the unique material substances that the city created. The full Dark Ecology Journey programme can be found here. Follow Dark Ecology and Sonic Acts on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr for regular journey updates.

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