Dark Ecology residencies starting

A new series of Dark Ecology residencies will begin next week. Joris Strijbos will research a site for his commissioned work IsoScope, and HC Gilje and Justin Bennett will work in the border zone on, respectively, a new audiovisual work and a sound walk. Around the same time Espen Sommer Eide and Signe Lidén will research sound memories of local inhabitants, with their Nikel Sound History Club. Composer and trombonist Hilary Jeffrey works with musicians from Murmansk. And Germany-based architect Tatjana Gorbachewskaja returns to her former hometown Nikel to work on a series of curated walks exploring the materiality of Nikel. We are also thrilled to announce that UK-based artist and researcher Susann Schuppli will join us on the Dark Ecology Journey and give a keynote lecture. She is Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths. In her work she examines media artefacts that emerge out of sites of contemporary conflict to ask questions about the possibility of transformative politics. And she explores how toxic ecologies – from nuclear accidents and oil spills to the dark snow of the arctic – produce an ‘extreme image’ archive of material wrongs. The 2015 Dark Ecology research Journey takes place from 26–30 November 2015, one day later than previously announced. We will travel to Kirkenes in Norway’s northern extremes, visit the neighbouring town Nikel (just across the border in Russia), and go to the largest city in the far north: Murmansk (Russia). If you are interested in joining us, or have any questions about participating, please contact us at darkecology [@] sonicacts [.] com. To apply, send us your bio and a brief explanation of why you would like to participate as soon as possible. The deadline for applications is 1 October 2015. More information about the project can be found here.

Joris Strijbos - Isoscope work in progress (photo Joris Strijbos)

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