Tatjana Gorbachewskaja

Tatjana Gorbachewskaja (RU) is an architect and urbanist, who grew up in Nikel, Russia. Before starting her own praxis in 2014, Gorbachewskaja worked as architect and leading designer at UNStudio in Amsterdam, under Van Berkel & Bos. Tatjana is currently a lecturer and PhD candidate at the Design School in Offenbach, Germany. Her research hones in on the phenomenon of a ‘New Materiality’, as a multi-scale field for application design. Gorbachewskaja has been awarded multiple fellowships and prizes: the National Organisation of the Education Promotion for Architects, Russia; Goethe Institute, Russia; German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Germany; Centre of Contemporary Art and Sustainability CACiS, Spain and Creative Centre Arteles, Finland. www.architizer.com/firms/golab


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